Operazione curatore

Barbara Fässler’s contribution to the group show “In-pressione” (in-pression) at the abandoned gas central of the Milan municipality, was an ironic turn on curatorship. Though the curator, Mimmo di Marzio, after he had agreed, later on changed his mind and rejected the project in the command central, Fässler decided to thematise the issue of curatorship itself, by turning around the situation between curator and artist. The artist has become the curator and the curator the artist. Fässler built a mini-gallery in a very small cabin and there exposed three black and white paintings, Mimmo Di Marzio depicted as a Sunday painter in his free time from journalism. The cabin has been closed and the public could not access it, but was allowed to watch through the window in the door, which has been treated with a red filter. The paintings, representing prostitutes talking to clients in the car, appeared so in an overall red light.


Gas Central Bovisa, Milano

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