Innesti Braidensi

The installation “Innesti Braidensi” in the botanical garden at the Brera Art Academy building in Milan, has been specially conceived for the group show “Avvenirismo 3535”, curated by Anna Lucia Fraschetti. Through detailed research, Barbara Fässler has linked 40 plants of the medieval botanical garden in Brera with 40 paintings hanging in the “Pinacoteca Brera” art museum. The criteria of the approach was of different natures, such as characteristics, properties, effects and use of the plants or form, color and meaning of the paintings. The artist installed 40 signs in front of the plants, with the indications copied from the labels of the corresponding paintings in the Pinacoteca Brera. The color of the signs is associated with the main color in the relative artwork.

See the detail of the relationships between plants and artworks in the pdf to download on the left.
The installation has been sponsored by Swiss Institute Rome and Swiss Consulate in Milano.


Installation with 40 signs

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“Innesti Braidensi”, general view of the installation

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“Innesti Braidensi”, general view of the installation

The huge spins of
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The huge spins of “gleditsia triacanthos” remember Jesus’ spin crown

The aphrodisiac plant
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The aphrodisiac plant “Epimedium” could be useful in the House of Love

The innocence of the pink flower
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The innocence of the pink flower “Deutzia” fits to Madonna with child

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In “Syringa vulgaris” the word corresponds to the painting’s title

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“The Venise Lovers” in the romantic moonlight: “Lunaria annua”

God of the Sea and
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God of the Sea and “Aquilegia” a recipient for water

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The “Taxus boccata’s” poison has been used to envenom the arrows