Manifesto UNHCR

This work is related to the Public Art project «Manifesti d’artista», initiated by Group 78 in Trieste, directed by Maria Campitelli and Elisa Vladilo. For years Gruppo 78 has invited artists from Italy and abroad to develop an artwork to be hung on a huge poster space in via Fabio Severo, a route with heavy traffic in Trieste. In Italy – and more and more in all Europe –, the issue of migration flows is a constant political and social concern. Since Italy has ratified the Article 33 of the Geneva Convention on Refugees, dated 1951, which forbids the sending back of refugees to zones where their lives or liberty could be in danger, the untitled Manifesto reminds Italy about its signed agreement.
The project was realized in collaboration with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. The photographs have been shot by children and adolescents living in UNHCR Refugee Camps, during workshops with the photographer Brendan Bannon.


Public Art – Poster in the public space
600 × 300 cm

Gruppo 78

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