Apparent Color vs Object Color

The exercise aims to experience the difference between apparent and object color. The students receive three square pieces of cardboard and choose a piece of colored fabric. In a first step they mix the color of the textile and produce a monocrome painting on one of the cartons. Then they arrange their fabric on the table in order to create volumes and wrinkles, which produce light and shadow effects on the colored object. The pupils are requested to paint those color phenomena as they appear before their eyes, forcing them to observe as precisely as possible in order to catch the nuances of the color as it appears in its light and shade game and to reproduce it as accurately as they are able to. After they finished their painting, where they had observed the colors as they appear on the drapery with their “chiaroscuro” effect, the students stick the fabric piece on the third cardboard in order to dispose of the objects reference to the color, from where the exercise had started.

Nature studies of color phenomena. Year 9/10

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