After an introduction about performance art, which contained historical, theoretical and methodical aspects, the pupils saw a lot of examples of the contemporary art history spanning from the sixties to the present. The starting point of this work was actually the show “The Abramovic Method” at the PAC (Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea) in Milan, where Marina Abramovic had conceived a participative performance in which the public was involved and collaborated with the Serbian artist in executing the performance. The class took part and executed the Abramovic performance three times over in half hour sessions, then visited the exhibition and saw the video about her life and work. Back at school the students developed their own performance project by drawing and writing and implemented them later on. The performances have been documented by video.

Video on performances made by the pupils of SSM Swiss School of Milan. Year 10

Body Installation

SSM Performances 2011, Photography Barbara Fässler, Cut Dimitri Rosi

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