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Barbara Fässler

Graduated (Ba & MA) 1989 from EPIAR (Ecole Pilote Internationale d’Art et de Recherche) at Villa Arson in Nice. In 2012 Barbara Fässler received a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the State University of Milan. In 2014 she graduated from the Master in Art Education at ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts). Since 2018 she is PhD Candidate in the program “Fachdidaktik Art & Design” at ABKS Stuttgart, ZHdK, PHZH, Zürich and PHFR.
Barbara Fässler works as a curator and as a contemporary arts critic, as well as an artist in the field of photography, drawing, video and installations. In her work the conceptual and the intuitive side converge and her artworks are often conceived in series, offer different levels of lecture and play with the limits of perception.

From 2020 to 2024, Fässler is part of the federal expert commission Visual Arts for the Developement of the Federal Matura (A-Level Exam, Baccalaureat):

In 2014/15, Barbara Fässler together with Domenico Lucchini was main curator of the project “Artransit Performing Arts in Motion”, part of the program Viavai of Pro Helvetia ( In 2006 she curated the exhibition “Immaginario contemporaneo, arte e fotogiornalismo” for Galleria Bel Vedere Onlus Milan and 2005/06 she curated with Paolo Bianchi four exhibitions “Paradossi dell’amicizia” for the Swiss Institute in Rome in four exhibition spaces in Milan. In the nineties she has been co-curator of ProjektRaum, an artist-run space in Zurich. She has taught at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo and at Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan and Visual Arts and Art History to Secondary and High School students at the Swiss School of Milan. Today she teaches Visual Arts and History of Art at KMSU, Highschool of Kanton Uri in Altdorf, Switzerland. Since 2013 she writes regularly for Kunstbulletin (Switzerland), in the last years she contributed with her texts about Art with Studija (Latvia) and (Italy), some times for NZZ (Switzerland), Artmapp (Germany), Eurozine (Europe).

Memberships of Professional Organizations:
Impressum – Die Schweizer Journalist/-innen, Zürcher Presseverein, BR (Berufsregister)
AICA, Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art, Section Suisse
VSG Verein Schweizerischer Gymnasiallehrerinnen und Gymnasiallehrer (VSG-BG)
LBG Verband Schweizerischer Lehrerinnen Bildnerische Gestaltung, Bild und Kunst
LUM Lehrervereinigung der Urner Mittelschulen

Barbara Fässler has exhibited since 1990 in different european countries, in galleries and institutions of Contemporary Art, as for example: Casabianca, Zola Predosa; Progr, Bern (2014); Galleria Bianconi, Milano (2012); Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich; Risse, Varese (2011); Swiss Institute in Milan (2004/2008); Villa di Toppo Florio, Buttrio (2008); the botanical garden Brera, Milan (2007); Galleria Nuovi Strumenti, Brescia (Biennale della Fotografia) (2006); Galleria Neon, Bologna (2005/04/03); Spazio Erasmus Brera, Milan (2005/03); Care of, Milan (2004/2000); IAC, Art Contemporary, Graz (2002); Zone c/o Graffio, Bologna (2001); “Periscopio”, San Donato Milanese (2000); In vitro, Gineva (1997); CAN, Neuchâtel (1997); Shed im Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld and De Fabriek, Eindhoven (1996); Galerie Mark Müller, Zürich (1995/91); Kulturzentrum Kammgarn, Schaffhausen (1992); Shedhalle, Zürich (1992/90).

AICA International
AICA Schweiz

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Barbara Fässler (Photo: Paolo Bergmann)
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Barbara Fässler (Photo: Paolo Bergmann)